Remote Access Assistance (30 minutes MAX)





Remote support is here. So here’s how this works. Click the appropriate link below to download the Splashtop On Demand Support App to your device. The App is free to download.

Downloading this app doesn’t give us automatic access top you device. You will need to give us the session code to access your device. We will only have access for the duration of the session and access will be revoked once the session terminates.

Purchase this product if you’d like us to help you out with your device or computer. This download will allow us to view the screen on your device to guide you through how to solve the issue that your having.

This product is a great way to learn how to fix what caused your problem. You will be doing the actions, through our remote assistance, therefore learning in the process.

In a time when we need to limit face-to-face customer interactions, this is the perfect solution to provide remote assistance.

For android user click on this link to download the app to your device.

For Apple users (iPhone or iPad) click on this link to download the app to your device.